Why encouraging employee side hustles should be the new norm

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The nature of work has changed, perhaps forever. The very foundations of what used to make work purposeful, and the makeup of a productive and happy day at work has shifted. This is true everywhere, for almost every type and size of business, in whatever stage. The loss of the physical environment as a key ingredient in how work gets done is not something which is being talked about enough. …

Why creativity in marketing is more important than ever in a world of data overload.

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Marketing has undergone a seismic shift in the last two decades, from the traditional model of make it, broadcast it and pray that it works; to a much more agile approach of make it, broadcast it, watch it, amend it, rinse and repeat. At the heart of this change is the movement to digital, and the subsequent access to reams of data. This has bred a plethora of “data driven marketers” and evangelists who bow to the god of all things data. As a marketer who was bred in the traditional mode, with access to big budgets, the best creative…

Matt Brownell

Marketing. Challenger Brands. Fintech. Head of Brand at Yoco.

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